Harness Your Unspoken Power


Nonverbal communication is one of the most underrated tools for success.


Corporate Training

How is your nonverbal influence impacting your sales conversion, customer service satisfaction, and leadership and your overall company culture?
Learn how body language & emotional intelligence intersect to directly impact your results.

Body Language Coaching

 Are you prepping for an interview or presentation, dreading the dating scene or obligatory networking events? 
Learn the science of first impressions and the confidence to make a lasting connection.

Emotive Agility

Did you know you could use theater techniques to deal with the drama of everyday life? 
Learn about rasa to manage emotions in difficult conversations and relationships.

"Berit is absolutely magnetic. She has a remarkable presence that draws you in and makes you feel like you're the only person in the world. Her desire to facilitate positive behavior change comes through in all of her work, and I highly recommend her coaching and training services to anyone looking for curriculum in nonverbal communication. She's a rockstar!"

Vanessa Van Edwards
Behavioral Investigator & Author of Captivate

Speak Club

A public speaking club designed for women to have a supportive environment to exercise their speaking up muscles. Speaking up in public is not only emotional, it's also a physical act. Learn to integrate techniques from theater performance to reduce anxiety and become an engaging speaker. Join us and train your public speaking skills into shape, get ready to hear the power of your own voice, and to surprise yourself!


Find Out Your Emotional Intelligence Metrics

There are many aspects of emotions that cannot be quantified. However, those that CAN be measured are extremely helpful to understand! Your EI metrics come from the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test. This online assessment, used at companies and universities all over the world, will give you a baseline measurement of how you identify, use, understand and manage emotions. We'll discuss your metrics in a feedback session and you'll gain valuable insight that applies to your decision making and relationships in your personal and professional life.


"As an entrepreneur wanting to do public speaking this work is invaluable. Using simple exercise and postures, a speaker can learn to communicate not only verbally but energetically to get their point across. This is amazing work and Berit is very knowledgeable about applying her tools to any public speaking event or private conversation. There really isn't a place that it can't help someone be a better communicator. "

Theresa G.
Holistic Energy Coach

Pitch Me!

Would you like a free review on your body language skills? Record your 30 second elevator pitch and I'll send you my feedback. Nervous? Click below for tips to get you ready.


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